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    Some WA memories

    Enjoying the old WA shots being posted, look at the Statesman and a couple of posts up the Fairlane! A WA memory, heading home (Sydney) for Christmas in 1994.
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    Qantas A380 F on sale on SYD-LAX from 1/7/22

    Ah, a nice new interior to enjoy with a stand up bar if you're in the right class.
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    Some WA memories

    Interesting, I as well put my Ford Laser on the Indian Pacific and headed to Perth in 1994 and worked for RGC Mineral Sands, after spending a few days in Perth drove up to the mine. Yes and Emu Export was one of two choices at the Sands Tavern.
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    New domestic Aus Airline to launch in 2022… Bonza!

    I don't think it will be a bonza outcome.
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    Chairman’s lounge membership reviews

    If only to have been in a such a position to receive this letter in the first place, all good things come to an end. People of "influence" can buy a business or first class ticket like the rest of us.
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    Qantas replacing plastic with wooden cutlery

    Ha ha, that would be the other airline removing the food itself.
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    Tesla Referral......Free 1,500kms Super Charging!

    Tesla has also dropped in the JD Power reliability stakes for a 'premium' vehicles, well at least the price is premium.
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    Expedia vs Qantas - $1000 price difference

    Good result. With travel unknowns for now and into 2022 I would have booked QF direct even if more expensive. QF have honoured their refund policy on around 10 flights for me in the previous 12 months without question. Expedia have been in the news in various places for slow and no refunds...
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    Has anyone booked to fly in December?

    The same, booked plenty both domestic and international, flown about an eighth of what was booked and paid for. Have all my refunds and happy to wait to until I see international happening again without issue. Domestic I now only book the day before or day I want to travel.
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    50SC on offer with BP

    My 50 SC arrived, took around 4 weeks.
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    Alitalia to shut down on October 15

    Have updated my photo caption. Also agree sad when a carrier, especially an old timer, doesn't make it however this one should be no surprise to anyone, have been on verge of closing for as long as I can remember.
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    RooFlyer's name that monument

    I think we need one 'where is it?' at a time, then the answer before moving on. I'm having trouble keeping up!
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    What's your favourite aircraft type?

    747, it has to be. The people have spoken, this shot of crowds out to wave to a 747.
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    What’s your favourite souvenir?

    I buy a few trinkets but these days mostly just take photos. Although one of my favourite items is a salt and pepper shaker from Mount St Helens, it's glazed ash in two parts in the shape of the mountain. With both salt and pepper part together it represents the mountain before the eruption and...