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Recent content by baggyred

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    Qantas WiFi (aka Qantas inflight Internet)

    Thank you Looking at Qantassource - i was at least able to see what birds the route typically has access to - which is at least promising. Fingers crossed.
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    Qantas WiFi (aka Qantas inflight Internet)

    When the A330s were being refurbed - we knew which bird you were flying in advance by the seatmap (assuming no late metal change) Is there anyway to know in advance if an upcoming flight has wifi scheduled ?
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    Thai Royal Orchid Plus major devaluation

    Not a FF question - but does anyone know if Thai unblock their seats like Qantas does a T-80?
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    Qantas FF announcement 20 June - "biggest overhaul" in program history

    Was there any clarity about "when" seat availability would be increased
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    I'm in the QF Lounge thread

    Daft question which I think I know the answer to - but want confirmation (and didn't want to start another thread). I am looking at an itinerary that has a red eye landing in Brisbane at 5.30am. If i have an outbound flight later that afternoon at say - 6pm in business - am I able to use the...
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    Hey Qantas, why is it that ....?

    Didn't want to start a new thread - so thought I'd use this to ask my Q I'm looking at an award booking and can see the two segments i want on the qantas booking (ie a-b and b-c) But when I try and book a-c it doesn't show - even though it's well within the 24 hour connection time Two...
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    Avianca "Lifemiles" - Questions and Discussion

    I had a booking late last year using the screen shot method - worked a treat and included a 13 hour layover. Looking at a flight for next year using the same method - thoughts on likelihood of getting a ticket with 21 hour layover?
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    Qantas WiFi (aka Qantas inflight Internet)

    How would one know which equipment if flying on a particular route. Have a 4 hour Mel-> Per coming up and praying for a miracle that I'll get the cricket
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    A couple of questions from an AAdvantage newbie

    Bugger - I have an award booked already and now realise I need to spend a week in Melbourne Was trying to find a way to a) avoid the change fee and b) avoid two awards Think i'll just bust the award and use it from Mel to Per and then sort out something cheap and nasty from HBA to Mel
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    A couple of questions from an AAdvantage newbie

    Anyone know if on a HBA-MEL-PER award whether you can have a stopover in MEL?
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    Qantas Domestic & International Business Class meals/menus

    Had the peking duck pancakes on Per-Mel last week. Bloody delicious. Was nicely countered by a horrible dry chicken kiev I had on my return journey. Didn't ever dare attempt the limp veggies on offer. The pork curry which was my first choice did look lovely from afar, unfortunately that was...
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    QF announce non-stop Perth-London B787 Services

    The direct flights will save maybe 3 hours of travel. If the cost differential is $500+ in Y - can't see the leisure traveller coughing up for that. That is almost another day and half's accom and expenses. The
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    QF announce non-stop Perth-London B787 Services

    Re: Qantas: non-stop Australia (Perth)-Europe (London) Boeing 787 flights set to soar I wonder if JQ international will move to T3 as well?
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    Qantas 737 Refurbishment tracker

    Flying one of these birds next week - best J seat to aim for?
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    A couple of questions from an AAdvantage newbie

    Oh well - looks like i'm slumming in Y for a revenue fare from Syd to Mel :)