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Recent content by ayebee

  1. ayebee

    What's your favourite 747 memory?

    Posted earlier, but recalled another memorable 747 flight. May 1996, and we were off on our first family o/s trip to Canada and the US. After a domestic flight MEL-SYD, we boarded our Qantas 743 heading for LAX. In economy we had ABC in one row and BC in the row behind. Boarding was nearly...
  2. ayebee

    What's your favourite 747 memory?

    Some great stories here. According to my flight diary. My first B747 flight was a BOAC B747-100, November 1971. From Sydney to Singapore via Darwin, then maybe an aircraft change but onwards to Beirut via Delhi and Teheran. Quite the “milk run”. That flight was memorable in that my folks...
  3. ayebee

    Ads on AFF Home pages and articles

    being an earlier poster on this thread I got notified of the new posts. I see paypal from both buyer and seller sides. As a seller I would love to find a more competitive online payments provider, which exist but unfortunately the reality is the channels I work through don't integrate with...
  4. ayebee

    Scams like these

    same one this morning. just for sake of it, I didn't press 1, but just held on wondering whether I might get to speak to someone. The first voice recording sounded like a mild US accent, and then after about 30 seconds of silence the message was repeated but this time with a female Australian...
  5. ayebee

    Ask The Pilot

    reprising the Kai Tak discussion a few pages back. Happened on this video Some excellent historic pics and presented in a non-sensational style.
  6. ayebee

    Solar Panels

    I see others have already mentioned Solarquotes SolarQuotes | Get 3 Solar Quotes From Your Best Local Installers I would also recommend them. As well as providing good information, we used them to get 3 good & credible quotes for installers in our area. We installed a 5.5 kW system with Trina...
  7. ayebee

    Sundowners Tours denying refund without large fee

    OK, so good progress today. we had purchased through an agent that confirmed our booking with a set of T&Cs attached. I had based my claim on those words. I was puzzled why the T&C words they quoted were not the same, so I emailed them my original confirmation, asking why the words we were...
  8. ayebee

    Sundowners Tours denying refund without large fee

    Thanks for the info. Although it is so tempting at times to become a bit narky, I have been careful to always remain polite and factual. A policy I have had for ever is to write drafts of "difficult" emails, and then review them the next day before sending.
  9. ayebee

    Sundowners Tours denying refund without large fee

    not the best eh ... I doubt they were intentionally referencing the late afternoon syndrome or rural itinerants turning up just in time for dinner. Probably thinking more about sitting somewhere nice, watching the sunset with a cold beer in hand. having said that, I heard good things about...
  10. ayebee

    Sundowners Tours denying refund without large fee

    Hi Mattg I have communicated the ACCC info etc in my emails with them. Hadn't thought about going to authority as you suggest just yet. Thanks for mentioning - will keep that in mind. Was thinking my next step could be lodging a dispute on the credit card.
  11. ayebee

    Sundowners Tours denying refund without large fee

    Our Sundowners tour late August departure was cancelled, with the company invoking force majeure. That was to be expected. We had paid deposit of about $4400. They proposed to offer a travel credit with a 10% bonus, usable by mid 2022. That didn't suit us so we asked for a refund as per the...
  12. ayebee

    Cruising choices with an active Pandemic

    Carnival / Princess took a quite beating on 4 corners tonight, but I imagine they will just carry on marketing the dream. Not for me at best of times.
  13. ayebee

    Ask The Pilot

    That sounded like a challenge so I went looking for it on google maps. You can see just the remnants of the checkerboard on the wall of the Lok Fu service reservoir wall. Hopefully in the middle of this image...,114.184389,162m/data=!3m1!1e3 EDIT -...
  14. ayebee

    Answered Qantas Club access for Silver FF

    Thanks for the memories, and I agree they were separate. The only point which jars with my memory (which may be faulty...) is that I could access the QP with the silver card (ie not just one invitation per year) in the time before gold became platinum, and silver became gold.
  15. ayebee

    Answered Qantas Club access for Silver FF

    Not sure if this is relevant, but I have a couple of recollections from the 90s. First is you could buy lifetime Qantas Club membership, which I thought about and then forgot about. Second is that QFF Silver gave you access to the lounge in the 90s, and then around 2000 there was a rejig of...