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    Woolworths gift card thread

    Thanks, I thought so, I am after the QF points.
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    Woolworths gift card thread

    Can you explain how you work out the 15% ?.
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    Scams like these

    Had a landline call from someone claiming to be from Telstra , re my bigpond acc . Says there have lots of attempts from a few Asian locations to use my acc & he was now going to help me with these unauthorised attempts. Told him I didn't believe him. He got angry with me for not believing him &...
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    A couple of questions from an AAdvantage newbie

    I can see QF awards in FEB, do I have to use the AA call center for those ?.
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    A couple of questions from an AAdvantage newbie

    I have been searching for a 1 way J award to USA for Feb 2018 for a while now but nothing shows up, is there a trick to this ?. Have found Y milesaver awards but always says J is unavailable. Is there a particular time of year when there are more milesaver awards available ?.
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    Washington DC and transfer to Smithsonian Air and Space, Chantilly

    Mrs A & I were there last year, had a great stay at W Washington, you could see the White House from their rooftop bar, we walked to most attractions but also caught cheap tourist bus that does laps around the National Mall.
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    Woolworths Rewards Targeted offers

    Exactly , went to buy some 1L dynamo today but price changed overnight, Grrrr.
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    Bintang singlets and kids - what could go wrong

    Mrs A & I went last July & enjoyed it.
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    North to Alaska

    Yes, looks great.
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    Just checked my opal & BP top up is showing.
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    I did 6 top-ups 1hr ago & also not showing but I expect to see them on the acc tomorrow.
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    New [Amex] statement credits

    Many thanks Pleb Status, your post enabled me to get the offer saved at 6am.
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    Strange pricing

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    Gift Cards at Supermarkets

    How do I give this 1k likes .
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    American Express Explorer Referrals now live - 110,000 points!

    This is the last day, if you would like to use my link here it is . You will get 110k pts & I will get 20k pts.