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    Quick answer needed - double status credits

    Yes, you will.
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    Loyalty bonus question

    That's correct
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    If you met Paul Scurrah (Virgin Australia CEO), what would you say?

    Scrap The Club. It's mostly empty. Massive drain on earnings. Instead, make it a Business lounge - but access is limited to paying Business Class passengers (no awards, no upgrades). You'd steal QF paying business class passengers straight away - particularly government employees. Very high...
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    Frequent flyer ticket on AA (USA domestic) baggage

    The booking page on the Qantas website says in very small print that the baggage allowance is for QF flights.
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    Qantas Points Club.... dead?

    Despite all the fanfare back when "the biggest changes in 30+ years were announced", there's no sign of the promised "Qantas Points Club". Can't wonder if the idea has been taken out behind the back of the sheds and.... Any thoughts?
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    The Qantas Edge in First [ AJ: "Customers drool over our ...{Neil Perry} ... food!" ]

    Just fell off my chair laughing. The steak I had last week was burnt to a crisp. On par with BA nowadays.
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    Amex Australia - Centurion Card Eligibility

    Does anyone have a list of benefits?
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    Something's Coming...

    I can't work out how to do it!
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    I made a purchase at Cellarmasters and Cashrewards is tracking at the normal rate of 5.35% rather than the current 16%. Not happy!
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    Dan Murphy's and Other Wine Deals

    Wild price fluctuations as you select different stores!
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    Earlier F flight on SQ award

    Thanks all for the advice. It's a saver award fare. Seeking to move from 777 to old A380 F. The reason for the move is that I have other family travelling on the earlier flight. Hopefully they'll be accommodating!
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    Earlier F flight on SQ award

    Has anyone had experience changing to an earlier SQ flight at the airport when travelling on an award ticket? I've got a first class redemption flight from SIN-SYD. There's a flight that leaves a few hours earlier with seats still for sale in F. I'm hoping that if I get to the airport early...
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    Something's Coming...

    I'm more interested in knowing if sparkling water is bad for you...
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    Free Free - Two P1 QF lounge digital passes (First Class lounge included) expiring 31/05/2020

    Very kind of you! Can I please put my hand up for the draw! :)