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    so what routes will VA cut ?

    I wish VA would sign a partnership agreement with ZL. They could rationalize overlap (Albury and Mildura come to mind) while retaining the network effect of all of the regional destinations. Rex could also save some money by closing their lounges in the capital cities and perhaps fill some...
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    50% bonus points with Virgin Australia

    My dad and mum who have dormant VA accounts not used in years received a fixed point incentive of 2,500 bonus one way or 5,000 return for a booking. As a plat I received the 50% offer. Does anyone recall many VA promotions that have been personalised to this level before?
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    UpgradeMe bid for HKG route

    June 2019 - $520 SYD-HKG and $650 HKG-SYD. Both won. Original fare was $498 return in getaway economy fare class. Business cabin was full in both directions.
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    UpgradeMe pricing and success

    HKG successful bids (2 passengers, price per passenger) Thu 6 June VA83 SYD-HKG, $525 - $10 over minimum bid made 3 months before departure. Only one seat free in J on departure. Tue 11 June VA82 HKG-SYD, $650 - minimum bid made 4 days before departure - noted at the time that there were...
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    Velocity Daily - VISA's version of "shop local"

    Any luck in getting the 2026 points to post? My partner and I both over-qualified (to make sure no "arguments" with the promo terms and conditions) but nothing yet. The terms said after 40 days... it's well past that now. Dreading having to argue with the call centre team on this one.
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    Earlier start for Shop Small this year

    My partner and I achieved all 12 transactions on our four cards. We achieved a quadruple stack - Dimmi, Entertainment book, Shop Small and 2 points per dollar on the Velocity Plat for restaurant dining for Saturday dinner :)
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    Earlier start for Shop Small this year

    Shop Small Weekend 14-15 May - 3 x spend $20 get $10 Haven't seen this posted anywhere but Amex are doing Shop Small this coming weekend - 3 x spend $20 get $10 credit at Shop Small participating merchants. Not sure if this applies to all cardholders but I got it for my Plat Edge and Velocity...
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    UpgradeMe Points Request Waitlist (LAX)

    Exactly the same experience - except 2 months out on VA8. You should definitely keep checking and the minute there is award business availability, ring up and get your upgrade done as they basically come from the same inventory.
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    Virgin Virtual Network to Europe - Lounges or Premium Economy?

    One factor to consider is the 3x earning status credits on SQ Y+, very useful for requal compared to discount Y which is what most EY flights will book into. Also points earn will be significantly higher on the SQ Y+
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    Australia - USA then domestic sectors

    Another option which I used was to book the flights on Expedia - same price as VA but able to do the open jaw. I am doing SYD-LAX-EWR then ORD-LAX-BNE-SYD in premium on VA and VX with VA flight numbers. Booking through an agent has drawbacks if you need to make changes to the ticket but it...
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    Velocity Cobrand Acquisition Bonus

    I was in the same situation yesterday - once I hit the $1K spend the balance of the points posted to take me to the 100K. Also hold a Platinum Edge card - got to love Amex not enforcing their T&C!
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    MEL-LST Row 1 - PE? J? Y?

    VA don't sell J into LST from either MEL or SYD. One of the perks of being a Platinum with VA on these flights (and SYD-CFS/BNK and a few others) is a J seat with Y service. Provided the flight is operated by a 737 or E90, you'll be right.
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    VA Regional New Service - Sydney Tamworth

    Announced today new 6pw service Sydney Tamworth. Commences 25 May on all days except Saturday, with intro fares from $85. VA1091 dep SYD 1355 arr TMW 1500 VA1092 dep TMW1530 arr SYD 1635 All operated by ATR72 Having flown staff to Tamworth, this competition is good news. Schedule will be...
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    Original Route Credit on VA & Partners?

    Bumping an old thread - having the same problem with ORC for an Air NZ flight HNL-AKL-SYD which got rebooked to QF4 direct due to NZ delays. As expected the continued cut and paste responses about "if eligible" and "adding frequent flyer number to the booking" show that no-one can interpret...
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    Virgin Flyer 2-For-1 - Significant negative changes from Dec 1

    Significant negative change to this card from 1 December: - no longer covers taxes for 2nd pax - now saver lite and saver fares only - eliminating flexi to business upgrades. - 30 days advance purchase, up from 21 days updated t&c...