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    "Best fare of the day" policy

    In my experience, BFOD is generally used by travel managers or in companies where the person in charge of travel really doesn't: - understand the airline industry; - do much travel themselves; - because they don't travel, begrudge staff earning FFPs. Travel management companies (TMCs) in...
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    cathays lounge who qualifies for access

    For your transit in HKG, suggest you use one of the Plaze Premium Lounges. $50 ish for a shower, some lights F&B, comfy seating, net etc etc. (Cheaper if you're a Priority Pass member - see other threads on this topic)
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    Hong Kong Airport - Are you able to leave when in transit

    The main Chinese restaurnat IN the airport building is in the mezzanine area above departures LAND side. Its just a branch of the Maxims chain, but the food is good and Yum Cha for lunch is consistantly good. Aside from that, the one in the airport hotel (Regal Airport Hotel) is also good...
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    Hong Kong Airport - Are you able to leave when in transit

    Hate to nit pick...but the airport is on Chek Lap Kok island while Buddha is on Lantau Island. - yes they're right next to each other, but they are separate. There are special taxis that only serve the Lantau area that are a different colour to the Red Hong Kong taxis (blue or green). If...
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    from Singapore to the UK

    QF's latest specials ex SIN (in SGD): Frankfurt from $998 London from $998 These fares are exclusive of taxes and surcharges lah...
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    QF Sale ex-SIN

    ....They are in SGD so a 20-25% savings on what you pay in Oz!
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    Yep - and if the sign doesn't say so, just go there with the card visible to the officers and they'll direct you accordingly...
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    As Mal says, you still need to queue at Customs. However, I would certainly prefer the ability to "overtake" all those tourists who disembarked the (soon to be) A380 20 minutes before my 747 load arrived and get to the customs counter ahead of them! As an additional (yet unproven) theory...
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    I lived in Asia for the last 5 years and found the club to be great. Its not a mega loyalty deal, but big enough to deliver some great benefits and some "member only deals" - especially if you're in Asia a lot! Main benefit of the first tier is that you get a free Continental Breakfast - not...
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    Hong Kong Cathay Pacific Lounges

    If you're lucky enough to have access to F lounges, go the Pier if you have time to kill. They have indiviudual "rooms" where you can set yourself up for a few hours - be it to work or watch AVOD in the lounge in a comfy chair. While they both have great showers, The Wing has a cabana style...
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    Singapore Lounge Access

    Mainly because it is older and dated and not very different from their Business Class Lounge. Once you been to CX's Wing and Pier, there is no turning back as far as lounge product. SQ lounges in other ports (eg ICN) are MUCH nicer - not as large but nicer - than their home base. As I...
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    Singapore Lounge Access

    As long as you have an SQ flight number your covered. The Singapore Airlines lunges are not spectacular - just functionsl. They've not spent money on them as they'll be moving to T3 when its complete - and then we should be in for a treat!
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    Noise Cancelling Headphones

    That's what I used to do before I bought the noise cancellers. Problem is that you need to have your headphones turned up louder to get over the cabin noise and a touch more for the ear plugs... This will make your potential ear damage worse :cry: I did want to buy them for the enjoyment...
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    APEC Business Travel Card - Express Immigration Clearance

    After 314 posts here JohnK, I thought you would have understood that we're all here trying to make the most of our own situations - and get as much as possible for nothing! Most people who travel for work do a significant amount of it in our own time - unpaid and when we should be with our...
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    JAL to join the OneWorld Alliance

    I took a video of "jidoo-biiru" (Auto-beer) with my digi-cam - file's a bit to big to post though! "Asahi suupaaaa dorai" Mmmmmmmm