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    Virgin Australia Financially Secure? [Now in Voluntary Administration]

    In terms of cabin crew, VA don’t employ contractors nor casuals, they’re all permanent VA employees. So that’s a tough one.
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    'The House' 3 hour limit [Now rescinded for VA PAX]

    To clarify I was meaning between lounge operator and VA. Which as a result has led to the OP’s experience. Good it’s all officially been clarified and the lounges will hopefully comply.
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    'The House' 3 hour limit [Now rescinded for VA PAX]

    To be fair, a lot of the “controversy” would have been avoided had the publisher of the article waited to hear from VA (you know, the main relevant party) rather than publishing the article with some of the information. But I guess that generated a lot of clicks. Not denying of course, that...
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    Veterans to receive Priority Boarding & "thank you for your service"

    I’ve seen some comments attributing the creation of this policy to the marketing team. As someone who’s worked in marketing for over 10 years, I can almost assure you the marketing team had very little to do with this. A marketing team will rarely create policies. They may be consulted and in...
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    Virtue signalling: clutching at straws

    Well the thing here is a progressive change of habits, overtime. You start somewhere. You’re not required to use bin liners, if you must, you can can always purchase compostable ones (yes more expensive, but overtime become cheaper). And recycle as much of your soft plastics (wrappers, bags...
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    Virgin Australia Business Class Catering - Service, Meal times, Menus

    Cycle rotations change on Wednesday, so seems this particular menu moved down the line on your return, had you flown within that same cycle you’d have received a different menu.
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    Virtue signalling: clutching at straws

    Speaking to a csm (acquaintance’s partner) about this topic they mentioned that domestic on the A330 they recycle cups, cans, bottles, etc as they have the room. However on 737 it’s a best endeavour situation as they don’t quite have the room for multiple rubbish bins. At the end of the day it...
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    Air New Zealand ends alliance with Virgin Australia [goes with Qantas]

    Agree so much. Remember the poor business class seats QF introduced on their A330 just before VA rebranded and introduced their own A330 with a better product (and that was the ex Emirates ac)? It forced QF to go back to the drawing board, and even blocking out the middle seats.
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    catering changes when ??

    I'm afraid we are running the risk in this forum of having inflated expectations, once again. For no reason. The only mention in the refrenced AusBT article is "economy travellers can expect more substantial 'complimentary snacks'". That's it, there is no mention of specific routes, timings...
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    The Joys of Travelling With Luggage & No Status

    Re: VA Delays at SYD today Having just returned from Mexico and the USA makes me thankful how easy it's to travel in Australia. There, scenes like these can be a daily occurrence. Out of LAX T2 there was a queue in a separate area to join the actual queue for check in. Interestingly out of LAX...
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    Coast to Coast - What to expect in Y for food

    A friend flew over the weekend PER-SYD and during lunch service they offered a choice of a Thai style penang beef curry with rice or a vegetarian tajine dish with couscous and veggies. As she was seated towards the back the crew were nice and she asked if she could try both. She said the...
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    Program Update: Virgin Australia’s Fares For You

    I've noticed this too, however not only in the aviation sector of the market. Pure loyalty, in the utopian way we like to think about it, I personally believe doesn't exist anymore. Not for a while anyway, and at least not in my ecosystem of products and services. I think it went out of the...
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    New to Virgin

    I guess on that basis, QFF may be considered LCC too in a way, in light of this announcement: http ://www /qantas-boeing-737s-to-get-more-economy-seats-wifi-entertainment "38 of the airline's older Boeing 737s, which currently pump out entertainment via overhead screens and radio...
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    Feeling ripped off by Virgin advertising - we now serve food and beverage

    I can provide some insights on this topic as I've worked in content and entertainment distribution and have colleagues still in that space. Hollywood studios dictate when their films/content will be available across different platforms. Currently because these on board streaming systems are...