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    Bon voyage et merci

    Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. I need time away from cyberspace regardless. And I am sure some 10-post-wonder will become the next 5,000-post-wonder, that I hope. You've all been good :) I have already told the powers-that-are that I will be departing end of today. Bon voyage!
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    Bon voyage et merci

    After eight years and over 5,000 posts later I have finally decided to call it quits. This place is like 'smoking' - very addictive and hard to quit. This is my second attempt, the first failed four years ago after another member persuaded me to stay around. That member is no longer a member...
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    Free drink @ Coles Express by checking Coles MC balance at ATM

    We withdrew some cash from one of these ATMs a couple of days ago and got a free drink too. We have an ING orange account so we pay zero atm fees, might go a few times more ;)
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    ETIHAD - AA Partner

    I learn something new each day, thanks.
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    ETIHAD - AA Partner

    Just tried booking at CMB-xAUH-SYD in J and they wanted 75,000 points grrrrrrr whilst I was hoping for 35K ;)
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    First Class Etihad Vs SQ

    1. No idea, if paying two awards is correct you pay more points flying EY but way less taxes. Taxes on EY will be around $150 versus $750 on SQ - on an equivalent SYD-xx_-LON route. 2. Yes, 3 days is a good taster. If you like it, you could always go back. We did 3 nights in Dubai a few months...
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    Suites savers now available

    With SQ I would move to 3C/3D 'just in case' there is a baby on board. You wouldn't notice the difference between Row 2 or 3 once the suite doors are closed and your ensconced in your suite. With EK, like SQ, all the middle suites are identical and there is negligible, if any, differences at all.
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    Danish restaurant Noma to establish in Sydney for 10 weeks

    Guess they are following the footsteps of the former El Bulli Spain. I didn't get tickets to NOMA Sydney but at least I can say I have enjoyed an awesome meal at the current number 1 restaurant in the world ;) We even had a private kitchen tour after meal service with the Roca brothers :)
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    Sydney to Havana - which route to take

    What's wrong with Cubana? ;) We have flown them and are booked again flying HAV-SDQ. Cheap and cheerful airline to get into/out of Havana :D Last time we flew SYD-SCL then to MEX then HAV. We stayed at the W Mexico City one time, and on the way out we stayed at the Hilton which is at the...
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    SPG Promotions Thread

    Stay for 3, Pay for 2 at hotels and resorts across the Asia Pacific when paying with your Mastercard Book by 14 February 2016, stay by 3 April 2016. Stay for 3, Pay for 2 | Sheraton, Westin, Le Méridien and more.
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    A couple of questions from an AAdvantage newbie

    Re: Couple of AAdvantage questions from a newbie to it Yes it is doable / bookable. As mentioned recently, a friend of ours booked SYD-HKG-DOH-SAW flying CX,CX,QR as a 60K J Australia-Europe award.
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    Best way to use Amex points

    I think your odds are quite good as a WP. If you can't find availability online, you can ring up the premium desk and kindly ask for Qantas business class seats to be released for you - it's a little unwritten benefit you get as a WP. Good luck.
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    Feels Like Home - Series 2

    Thanks for your detailed response. Sounds like the perfect marketing report to Qantas. I can just picture sitting there in a focus group / market research and then your report going up to Qantas :) As you know there are no right and wrong answers ;) The Jennifer Anniston ad - if it was...
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    Feels Like Home - Series 2

    I love EK's Pele and Ronaldo ad, that was pretty cool :)
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    Feels Like Home - Series 2

    The latest Emirates commercial with Jennifer Anniston is pretty cool; if you haven't seen it, it's basically Jennifer being stuck in economy, not able to have a shower or a drink at the on board bar; then she wakes up and realises it was only a nightmare. Sure ~99% of the population will never...