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Recent content by Alan in CBR

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    Man in wheelchair not allowed to board Jetstar Asia flight in Bangkok

    Sad to see some people still enjoy categorising other human beings on the basis of their nationality. I guess it was a racist person that made that comment.
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    QF11 - A380 Syd-LAX - one meal only????

    QF 107 is even worse. Leaves around midday and a couple of hours later they serve a meal. Later on they hand out the dreadful "Snack on Q" bag, then nothing until breakfast just prior to arrival in LAX. My advice is to pack your own snacks.
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    Carry On Baggage......A Word of Warning!

    I think I saw "Carry On Baggage" on my last BA flight when the AVOD wasn't working. Sid James and Kenneth Williams - a great combination, sorely missed by the British film industry.
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    QF domestic metal, BA codeshare, possible to hop on an earlier flight?

    Success. Took a long time on the phone, but I was finally able to change it. They wouldn't let me book on a QantasLink flight, but I could book on the earlier "pure" QF flight. Will now be able to have a nice meal and a shower before the flight to LHR. Thanks to GoldenWinger and QF009 for...
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    QF domestic metal, BA codeshare, possible to hop on an earlier flight?

    Well that's interesting. The agent I spoke to was adamant that if I changed to a QF flight it would split the booking, cost much more, etc., etc. I'll try the "call again" strategy. It's a pain though - the corporate agents are in an Indian call centre. (I work for a huge multinational who...
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    QF domestic metal, BA codeshare, possible to hop on an earlier flight?

    I've just posted this question on flyertalk. I know there is a big overlap in the communities, but I'll post here as well to catch those who don't go to FT. Our corporate travel agent has booked me CBR-SYD-LHR on BA, with CBR-SYD obviously on QF metal with a BA codeshare. The connection in...
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    ACCC to monitor airport car parking fees

    One of the few things they have right at Washington Dulles airport is a "Cell Phone Car Park" - a parking lot just outside of the airport where you can park and wait for the person you are picking up to call you to let you know they have arrived. Great idea.
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    Congratulations Lindsay and Vicky

    Happy Birthday to Charlotte, and congrats to Mr and Mrs Shano and Mr and Mrs alect. My, what a fertile bunch we AFFers are. ;) Lindsay, I have to say I was pleased when our second child arrived with the same plumbing as the first, but of course any combination of genders will have pluses and...
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    RTW Departures from Singapore Bnagkok etc

    Your agent won't be able to do it. The way I do it is: Call American Airlines Around the World (ATW) desk (number can be found on aa.com) Wait for 24 hours until pricing has gone through. Call back AA ATW desk to check pricing. Call AA in Japan (number can be found on aa.com) quoting...
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    What does 10% on time mean?

    That flight arrives at 7:40 pm. I'm very risk-averse when it comes to connections, but even I would accept an AA to QF connection at LAX with 2:50 between scheduled arrival and departure. Especially since you aren't going near the "danger" airports (such as Chicago and Dallas which are prone...
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    Is Qantas worth $1000 extra?

    MR = mileage run - flights taken for no other reason than to accumulate miles (usually in pursuit of status) K-UP and Y-UP - Economy fares (US domestic) on American Airlines which are automatically allocated confirmed seating in domestic First. Caveat is that if the flight is cancelled they can...
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    AA lounge access in North America

    That's how I pay the tip - it's nice and discreet. I also noticed the similarity in dimensions between the voucher and the banknotes, but I think your parenthetical postulation is likely to be the actual reason. All US banknotes are the same dimensions regardless of denomination, after all.
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    No Meals or Drinks for QF Awards on JQ international

    And their passengers offer a choice of rages, subject to applicability. I wish airlines would stop considering award tickets as "free". They are simply paid for using a different financial instrument (even disregarding the actual money which has to be forked over in taxes and fines). If...
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    AA lounge access in North America

    The Flagship Lounges have open bars, but the Admirals Clubs have cash bars. As a non-AA oneworld Emerald you are entitled to drink vouchers. They should give out two at a time, but some will do one at a time. Don't be afraid to ask if they "forget". Also, they should give you more if you run...
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    Congratulations Lindsay and Vicky

    Except I'm joking (sort of!).