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    Diners and Paypal

    I can attest to this same nightmare of an experience after adding Diners to my paypal. The two small charges that is required to activate higher spending never got charged to the card properly so it appears its not fully working yet. Regrettable had to remove Diners as i'm now getting the...
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    Diners club companion card

    The linked Diners is the flat 2 ppd. No bonus categories. Excludes the usual government related entity spends. Will check my statement once it arrives to see the points from my PayPal spend if worth it.
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    Diners club companion card

    I’ve done a few PayPal dinersclub transactions and it’s working like a charm right now. The only issue is restaurants leave a pending preauth that’s sitting pending for more than three days now.
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    Diners and Paypal

    Can finally add the citi visa linked diners card to my paypal. Now i'm waiting for the two small charges to activate higher spending.
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    Diners club companion card

    Diners is a charge card. This is dangerous for me...
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    Hilton Honors Macquarie Platinum Card

    i recently applied for this card. gold status happened when the first batch of the rewards points got transferred into hilton honours program!
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    Meh! "Important information about your ANZ Rewards credit card account"

    They are actually only reducing the card account fee component and not the rewards program fee component which is still $55 per card member on the account. With the changes, the new card account fees for ANZ Rewards Card is $25 and for ANZ Platinum it is $40. ANZ Rewards Card, TOTAL NEW...
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    David Jones AMEX- Amex Connect Difficulties

    Once you've held the card for a month it should appear automatically from there on. Here's more of the manual links.
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    Reduction in Awards Points for ANZ Rewards Platinum Card

    Seems like the reductions are happening everywhere. Refer to thread: If you have a credit limit of 15k, just fill in their product switch form in...
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    Got 15% discount via amex at mariott bkk?

    Found this on the amexconnect website under Dining offers: "Experience the charm of Thailand" There's a long list of offers for dining, lodging, retail etc...
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    Citi requesting either a W-8BEN or W9 form

    Yes that's actually normal since 2014. They pretty much check anyone and even those who are not US citizens. Check here: ATO Let's Talk | Guidance for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act – version 2.0 (October 2014)
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    Find out whether a transaction is a purchase or cash adv on statement?

    paypal transactions won't be treated as cash advances even if you used it on a gambling website, unless you used your credit card directly. You can check your points summary on hope that helps :)
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    Free QFF membership offers? This can net you 10,000 bonus points but it's for NZ residents only (i think).
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    Coles Rewards MasterCard has no forex fees now!

    That exchange rate cannot be right as that is their foreign cash website.
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    No more Forex fee on Westpac Amex for Dynamic Currency Conversion transactions

    DCC fees still apply to the Visa or MC card. I received the email too, and its welcome news for the companion amex card.