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Recent content by achinj

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    American Express Explorer Referrals now live - 110,000 points!

    anyone looking for AMEX referral who wouldn't mind using my referral link please :-) Thanks in Advance.
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    I agree on value proposition. But is there a change of getting more value in here (by saving surcharge)!
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    this would result in surcharge. BPAY options saves that i guess.
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    ATO (tax office) payments by credit card

    @Cove - how to use this cc to make payment via BPAY online? I am not able to do so. Any help is appreciated.
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    ATO Payment via Credit Card

    I have a westpac krisflyer amex cc. I would like to pay my tax via bpay online. But when i try to do that via bank website, it only allows making payment from visa card and not amex. Any options to use amex cc via bpay please? thanks in advance
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    20000 expiring Krisflyer points

    may be get some other points that you use by swapping KF points via! can PM options if interested!
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    BPay attract reward points for Citibank CC ?

    To saving surcharge for Telstra, prefer paying bills using Paypal (having any CC attached to it) may be. I have been using this from past year without any surcharges!
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    Do you have your blog?

    Do you have your blog?
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    Amex Platinum rewards credit card $0 annual fee for 1st year

    But you can add Amex edge plat for yourself before your spouse. That is also fee free.