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Recent content by Abercrombie

  1. Abercrombie

    Which whizz-bangery are you using to make your flying better?

    Hibermate all in one eye mask and soft shell ear muffs with low profile in-ear headphones (Sony MDREX15 for $20 work a treat) playing some relaxing tunes. The eye mask is far superior to the airline offering and the combination of soft shell ear muffs and low profile in-ear headphones allows...
  2. Abercrombie

    Contact Centre mistake on award taxes and surcharges

    Had a similar problem with calculating the taxes on our last two 280K redemptions. Both were around $1,000 when initially booked and paid, had a phone call later that day from Qantas to say they had been calculated incorrectly and both needed an additional $600-800 to be paid in taxes. This...
  3. Abercrombie

    "oneworld" award (140K/280K/420K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    Thanks again to the tips and tricks in this thread. We had to get creative on our 4th and 5th 280K redemptions this time around, leaving it very late with only 8 weeks to departure! Travelling together on the the Moscow, St Petersburg, Helsinki, London, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Tokyo and Osaka...
  4. Abercrombie

    260SC Run - SYD>MEL>???>SYD End of March!

    Hi Brainstrust, I've been convinced that for various reasons I won't go in to here, that it is worthwhile turning my weekend SYD>MEL>SYD trip in to an SC run to attain P1. And by weekend, I mean this weekend. Now, I know it's short notice, but unfortunately there was a last minute business...
  5. Abercrombie

    Is P1 worth a 213SC run?

    A unanimous yes! Thank you brainstrust, the search for the SC run begins.
  6. Abercrombie

    Is P1 worth a 213SC run?

    Coming to the QFF anniversary period and have found myself within touching distance of P1. Unfortunately had a recent business trip cancelled that will see me fall 213 SCs short of P1. Normally I wouldn't even consider it however, due to unforeseen circumstances, SWMBO and I are now trying to...
  7. Abercrombie

    "oneworld" award (140K/280K/420K) Planning - The Definitive Thread

    re: "oneworld" award (140K/280K/420K) Planning - The Definitive Thread Love this thread. I must have read it the entire way through two or three times over the last couple of years. Finally used all your thoughtful contributions for some good and booked mum a 70th birthday present she'll never...
  8. Abercrombie

    The Big Win is back for 2014

    108,300 on offer. Stay a total of 20 nights and receive 21,600 POINTS Stay at 2 different IHG™ brands and receive 14,400 POINTS Stay 4 Saturday nights and receive 9,600 POINTS Stay at 1 resorts in the following locations and receive 9,000 POINTS Complete a simple survey and receive 100 POINTS...
  9. Abercrombie

    IHG Rewards - Win Big

    I'm going to struggle to attain the "Win all over the world" requirement, but I will easily qualify for all of the others. Is anyone going to be staying in the Americas in one of these cities over the next three months? I need to stay at two of these. Perhaps we could work something out? Sao...
  10. Abercrombie

    Macquarie Visa Platinum - 40,000 points for $5000 spend - $99 1st Yr Fee

    had a request for latest payslip about two weeks ago, no further correspondance until the black envelope with the card arrived yesterday. Card was activated this morning and with no prompting told I was elligible for the 40,000 bonus points, provided my QFF number and away we go. Quite painless.
  11. Abercrombie

    Macquarie Visa Platinum - 40,000 points for $5000 spend - $99 1st Yr Fee

    Perhaps they are stalling so that they can issue the cards in late October-middle November and make it more difficult for people to spend the required $5,000 to get the points?
  12. Abercrombie

    IHG Rewards - Win Big

    Yeah I did, and they're all in Brazil, Mexico, USA and Canada. Maybe I could creatively re-route one of these trips to Asia through the LOTFAP...
  13. Abercrombie

    Macquarie Visa Platinum - 40,000 points for $5000 spend - $99 1st Yr Fee

    Excellent, thanks OP. Was looking for a new card anyway and you can't say no to 40,000 points for $99!
  14. Abercrombie

    IHG Rewards - Win Big

    33,100 points for a trip that was already being planned! Thanks IHG. Pity the only "Get Out There" options are in South America or North America, certainly struggle to meet that criteria in the next 3 months.
  15. Abercrombie

    Maximising FF Points Earn

    Assuming you want to credit to QFF. Domestically, there are plenty of options, although the Qantas AMEX Ultimate card generally stacks up reasonably well. However, if you are overseas a lot and don't mind the currency conversion fee of 3% (which is what you'll pay on most debit/credit cards...