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Recent content by a*0

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    Virgin getting very HEAVY re completed credit card refunds. Sad to see.

    I had a similar experience - when Amex sent through the documents Virgin Australia supplied it was just the fare rules with the usual passenger initiated cancellation conditions. I don’t think Amex actually pays much attention to the documents the merchant is supplying... In my case, virgin...
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    Virgin Flight Refund

    I’m having a similar experience - after lodging a chargeback I got an email from the virgin australia chargebacks team asking me to agree to the cancellation fee. I told them no way since they cancelled the flight but they still went back and told amex they should be able to keep the $550...
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    Cancelling [VA fare rules & COVID-19 uncertainty]

    I did a chargeback through Amex after getting no reply to my online enquiry and Amex appears to have approved the chargeback almost immediately. FYI - If your cancelled flight is to/from USA or has a leg departing EU your entitlement to a refund under US DOT rules or EU261 is pretty clear...
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    ANZ card refused due to lack of 'embossed numbers'? (Europcar)

    I had this once at Europcar at Christchurch airport a few years ago. Even more ridiculous was I was able to pay the rental charges with the flat card but needed to give them a card with raised numbers for the guarantee... When returning the car at a different location, i asked for a final...