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    Stretching the B737 fleet

    As of November, 1 737 MAX per month is being delivered every month for the next 3.5 years.
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    No show - last sector?

    No, the bag count would be short but the ground staff would still be required to check all the bags on board to ensure they were not loaded. I have personally done this before, I was supposed to be flying from LAX-SYD-MEL once, I decided to stay in SYD for an extra day, I just asked the LAX...
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    No show - last sector?

    When you check in in HKG, ensure the ground staff only check you in as far as MEL. Even though you have picked up your bags up and cleared customs, the system shows your bags as through checked and a bag search will begin when you no show.
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    Domestic Flights operated by VA international

    VA have a sub fleet of 737s that are configured slightly different for international operations. They are registered VH-YIA through to YIZ. Most of the YI fleet are registered to VAI.
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    Federal Government Status Match 2018

    Qantas appears choice of public servants
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    What date in 2017 [now 2018] will the last E190 VA flight be?

    The last 2 are to be withdrawn at the end of January 2018 at this stage.
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    New business class for VA 737 [deferred]

    Re: Easy fix for VA - new 737 J class! Just came across this. AIX 2017: Boeing offers 737 lie-flat seats | Aircraft Interiors content from ATWOnline
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    Virgin Ticket Availability ( Is this normal)

    The Boeing sky interior aircraft have have the 8J 168Y config but some of the early sky interior aircraft are not fitted with power sockets. Also the 10 aircraft (VUR-VUZ & BZG) delivered just prior to the BSI aircraft are also in the 8J 168Y config.
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    Virgin Ticket Availability ( Is this normal)

    I'm guessing an aircraft switch could be the reason more seats have been released. VA have 2 configs in the 737-800 fleet, the older aircraft are configured 8J 162Y the newer aircraft 8J 168Y.
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    Its Going to fall over

    This is what happens when a 737 is incorrectly unloaded. When the forward door is only being used for disembarkation, the rear cargo hold must be emptied prior to the forward hold.
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    Its Going to fall over

    If stairs are positioned at the rear of the aircraft and more that a few passengers disembark from the forward door only, the rear door will make contact with the stairs.
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    Tiger Bali flights

    Incorrect Cool Cat Phil, the route had been approved, Boeing Machinists were on strike delaying the delivery of the 777s.
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    Qantaslink B717 reliability issues. Many have been resurrected from VCV

    Have a read of this thread from PPRUNE, it may answer some of your questions. QF to open Heavy Maintenance Base for 717 in Canberra - PPRuNe Forums
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    VA 777 - New Business Class rollout [Delayed until 2016]

    The initial 330 refit was carried out during a scheduled maintenance visit in SIN, the other 5 were refitted in MEL by Virgin's own engineers.
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    VA 777 - New Business Class rollout [Delayed until 2016]

    The initial A330 was refitted in SIN the other 5 were refitted in MEL.