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We offer 3 levels of membership. You receive Basic Membership when your REGISTER with our the Online Community. Registration is free.  Once you have Registered you can easily upgrade your membership to SILVER or GOLD and enjoy these great benefits:

$35 per year
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Participation in Australian Frequent Flyer Online Community      
Full participation via a web browser, including the ability to read and post messages

Fewer advertisements than those displayed to our casual visitors

Full use of AFF Flight Tracker to map and share your flights

Access to the AFF Knowledge Centre for professional, structured training

Full use of AFF Verified Airline Status to facilitate "Status Match" and other perks which are periodically offered to proven travellers by travel companies

Enhanced AFF Functionality      
Uninterrupted viewing experience with No Advertisements displayed on the vast majority of pages, and all forum posting pages.
Upload/modify Profile Picture and Avatars
Add a "Signature" to user profile  
Ability to create a photo album and store 100 photographs online  
Ability to view which other AFF members are online  
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Storage of Private Messages 25 100 200
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Free download of Apps
Browse AFF via Apps
Login to AFF via Apps for full participation, including the ability to post messages and access Private Messages  
Discounted Travel Goods and Services (Valued at over $300 per year.  See details..)
Claim your discount at the exclusive Gold Membership Privileges forum. These services may vary from time-to-time.
Free AFFSuper Smart Tags (Pack of 2, valued at $9.95)
These attractive silicone tags have a unique tracking code, powered by SuperSmartTag, that allows airport lost-and-found staff to trace your baggage.  Full details is available on the Frequent Flyer Store.
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Qantas offer "10 or more business travelers" generous savings by creating and joining a Qantas Club Corporate scheme. Visit the Qantas Club Corporate Membership website for full details. The saving amounts to $225 for new Qantas Club members and $85 per year for existing members (at time of writing). Our GOLD members can use our Individually Managed Qantas Club Scheme and enjoy these savings. Note that if you are already an (Individual) Qantas Club member, you can renew your Qantas Club membership under our scheme at the discounted corporate rate.
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Columbus Direct is offering our Gold Members 20% off their already discounted travel insurance policies. Visit the Columbus Direct website to read all about their great products and prices.
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Expert Flyer is offering our Gold Members 15% discount off the 1st month's Monthly Basic or Premium subscription or 15% off the 1st year annual subscription. Expert Flyer empowers its subscribers by providing 24/7 access to timely information about airline flights and fares. Visit the Expert Flyer website to read all about unique service.
Free Award Nexus account upgrade + 20% bonus on first-time premium purchase

In addition to the free Award Nexus Community Account available to all AFF members, our GOLD members can upgrade to an Award Nexus elite account, with expanded search access and opportunities to participate in new features previews. In addition, our GOLD members can get a 20% bonus on the first-time premium purchase plus a special 90-days iron-clad money back guarantee for any premium purchase (3x the normal 30 days period).
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