my interesting day(s), 15/3/12-17/3/12

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  • 2 Post By dc88
Hi Guys thought I would share my travel experience I flew from Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to Sydney ( SYD ) FLL - ATL - LAX with Delta (orignal booking... FLL ...
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    my interesting day(s), 15/3/12-17/3/12

    Hi Guys

    thought I would share my travel experience

    I flew from Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to Sydney (SYD)
    FLL - ATL - LAX with Delta (orignal booking... FLL - CVG - LAX) first class
    LAX - SYD with Qantas... discount E

    I needed to get to LAX to make my QF flight to SYD. which left at 2220.
    I booked a delta flight via CVG, departing FLL at 1215, getting into LAX around 6pm.

    when checking in, I saw my flight was delayed only leaving me with 15mins to make my
    connection in CVG, the desk agent then looked for other options. nothing he came up with
    was good, but I then asked about anything through ATL, he then found a flight departing
    at 1400 and about 2 hours in ATL for next flight to LAX, which would then land a 2000.
    which was tight but seemed a good option.

    he then told me he could check my bag all the way to sydney (which I didn't think he could).
    so I went with that option.

    checked my bag, went through security, looked at the board and saw an earlier flight to ATL
    departing at 1245, so a bit disappointed I wasn't offered this flight. (maybe it was full)
    anyway, went to the delta lounge assuming I would be let in as I had a first class ticket! wrong!

    the plane was late and we pushed back about half an hour late under tow. the power then shut off
    and we had to go back to the gate to re-start the engine!
    so we took off about 1.5 hours late, i'm now thinking i'm not going to make my next flight!

    we make some time up in the air, I go on the delta website to check the status of my next flight
    and which gate etc.
    there were some others who were going to be on connecting flights but the hostie couldn't give any details
    about which gate eta, but I was able to show them on my laptop.

    when landed at ATL with 20mins till next plane, we had to go from B32 to T2, I escorted a nice american
    elderly couple who were flying to sydney also, but with delta.
    we just made it, but no info on our bags.

    the ATL > LAX was on a 777, which was a great flight, think that plane went onto Sydney.
    when we landed in LA, I went straight to the QF desk and told them that I think my bag is still
    in ATL, they were cool about it all and said they will contact me at the gate if they have it.

    I should have gone to the delta desk at LAX before going over to the QF desk, to find out
    where my bag was. anyway I wasn't to fussed as it would be a day behind me.

    boarded the plane and was told there were still a few bags coming but unlikely mine was one of them.
    was a good flight on the A380 and when landed went to the bag services desk, bag was in LA.
    the Qantas staff then took over, confirmed my details and said I would get a call tomorrow.

    next day, got a phone call that my bag would be delivered at 3pm. bag came 15mins early.
    got another phone call from Q asking if my bag came and apologised for my bag being late,
    when it wasn't there fault!

    so all in all, delta are great in the air but hopeless on the ground!
    Qantas were great all round

    from now on I will get a bigger carry on bag and travel light!
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    Re: my interesting day(s), 15/3/12-17/3/12

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    Interesting reading, thanks for posting

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