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  1. Singapore Airlines will add Dusseldorf to its network
  2. What is your annual Christmas SQ redemption waitlist wish?
  3. SQ's next generation F and J seats
  4. SQ to Vietnam connection options
  5. Feedback on new 'beta' member portal
  6. KrisFlyer points expiring May 2016
  7. deleting a person off a redemption?
  8. SQ222 (777-300ER) vs SQ232 (A380)
  9. Redemption Nominees Restriction
  10. SQ and Lufthansa group announce codeshare partnership between SIN and Europe
  11. Cant Access SQ booking from VA award
  12. Seat Selection SQ 77W
  13. J MEL-SIN advice
  14. Krisflyer miles to get from SYD - LAX - MOC - SYD options?
  15. New account can you view how many points required for upgrade with zero balance?
  16. SQ's first A350
  17. SQ 227 vs SQ 237 - Decisions, decisions...
  18. Overnight stop in Singapore - collect luggage?
  19. SIA A330 nose gear retraction/collapse at SIN
  20. SQ goes 5x daily SIN-SYD
  21. SQ Award Space - What happend?
  22. Using TK miles for travel on SQ ?
  23. KF Redemption Promotion Ex-MNL
  24. F Boarding Pass Departing PER?
  25. J + J or F + Y for 2 pax and infant (~9 months)
  26. BCN-PER SEP 2016 Business Class for 2 PAX
  27. What to do?
  28. Is it worth positioning to Sydney or Melbourne from Brisbane for a better flight?
  29. What does 'upgradeable' mean?
  30. Tips for first timer
  31. The day has finally come to book business class with KF miles
  32. *A Gold, SQ Flight with VA domestic codeshare - Can I access Virgin domestic lounge?
  33. Bestjet is cheaper! Horror! Now the dilemma...
  34. Double KrisFlyer miles when staying at Park Regis hotels
  35. PER-EDI Bus class on Krisflyer Points 2 PAX One way.
  36. Economy to Business Upgrage
  37. Mixed Class F/J Booking
  38. $350 worth of SIA vouchers available
  39. Need some advice with A3 Gold traveling on SQ with part of journy is operated by MI
  40. SYD F Lounge Closed [SQ]
  41. PPS + *A Partner "Double Dip"
  42. SQ-based circle flight to European destinations?
  43. How to determine available KrisFlyer flights
  44. Reward availability -Help please?
  45. SQ website
  46. HELP! Waitlist and booking - I think...
  47. Waitlist on Reward booking
  48. At least one of the flights on your itinerary has been changed.
  49. award booking - long layover in singapore
  50. First Class Book the Cook suggestions
  51. KrisFlyer Upgrade Query
  52. Seat selection on SQ booked through VA
  53. 15% off online booking -is it included in the website quote or does it come off later
  54. Premium Economy Dilemma...
  55. Sydney/Melbourne to Amsterdam First Class - any difference between 300 and the ER?
  56. Will I earn VA SC's for SIA points booking?
  57. Redemption Nominees Clarification
  58. Extra SQ services over Christmas period MEL,BNE
  59. Premium Economy cheaper than Economy
  60. SQ236 BNE-SIN Inflight service Plus transfers
  61. Expiring Krisflyer Miles...
  62. New to KF: Award vs Upgrade
  63. Lounge access in Munich
  64. Krisflyer via credit card
  65. KF Card expiries when?
  66. SYD-SIN-HK via SQ Suites - what benefits can I get?
  67. SQ premium economy class: when from MEL?
  68. Help please ! We in J , daughter in Y....how to meet??
  69. argh : We cannot process your request right now. Please try again later, or get in to
  70. SQ Suites or 777-300ER ??
  71. retroactive mileage claim, but city not on drop down list...
  72. SQ Taxes on European destinations.
  73. Meet me in the SQ Lounge thread
  74. Manila SilverKris lounge open at last
  75. New 777-300ER Business Class

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