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  1. Additional cardholder on CBA CC
  2. Double Award Points Offer on Mastercard
  3. Commbank "Lock/Cancel/Replace" Cards via Netbank Selfservice
  4. Commbank Credit Card Retention Team and free Bonus Pt per $
  5. Flight Centre, Virgin flights or upgrades
  6. Commbank American Express apparently now with Chip & Contactless!
  7. CBA Diamond Amex - Qantas points vs Flight centre ?
  8. MC/Diamond Pay wave Pending Transaction Query
  9. CBA Platinum to Diamond
  10. Cancelling CommBank Gold Card
  11. Diamond Visa?
  12. Platinum Amex changes.
  13. Transferring Commonwealth award points to frequent flyer
  14. Bonus Points issue.
  15. Changes to FF Redeem rate
  16. cba diamond existing points
  17. Availability of statements with individual Awards transactions?
  18. Commonwealth Gold Rewards Card ,travel insurance and rewards.
  19. CBA Diamond Awards MCard vs Amex
  20. Pay with CommBank awards points at Myer.
  21. Bpay will be excluded points earning scheme from 23/11/2012
  22. Annual Fee issues - Diamond Cards.
  23. Converting existing Commonwealth Rewards points to QFF points
  24. Any reports on success asking for a fee waiver on CBA Diamond?
  25. Is the Com Bank Gold card good value ?
  26. CBA limit increase request.
  27. Wealth package now includes platinum according to phone rep but not the website
  28. My husband got his CBA diamond today...
  29. CBA Diamond Coverage.
  30. Is it worth Transfering points to Velocity with current 15% bonus?
  31. Foreign Currency Conversion Fee
  32. CBA Diamond Card INsurance any good?
  33. Approval for CBA Diamond.
  34. CBA Diamond...
  35. Gold Credit Card points question from Newbie
  36. Travel Insurance via CBA Plat AMEX/Visa : is it sufficient?
  37. So I went out and did it....
  38. Plat card Best PURCHASE price guarantee still exist?
  39. Commonwealth awards points ratio vs QFF points
  40. CBA Gold to Platinum
  41. All new credit cards get $50 cash back. Limited time.
  42. migrating (product transfer, upgrading) from one cba card to another
  43. What do you use your CBA points for?
  44. Commonwealth Diamond
  45. Has CBA implemented transaction fees for AUD transactions overseas?
  46. Converting CBA Awards to QFF points
  47. CBA's lame gold card offer
  48. CBA Gold Card Transfers to QFFP
  49. Shonky awards - C'Wealth Bank Amex wins a prize.
  50. CBA Award points
  51. CBA Awards - Fligh Centre Special +10000 bonus points
  52. Downgrading from Platinum Card
  53. CBA Gold Mastercard bonus to velocity?
  54. Comm Bank Gold Cards Free 1st Year Annual Fee
  55. Is worth to keep awards card
  56. Interstate flight inconvenience insurance WITH PLAT?
  57. 1 QANTAS FF per $1 spent on VISA or MCard
  58. Help - reached my points cap
  59. Commbank awards VS QFF
  60. Will CBA match card type from Citibank?
  61. 600,000 rewards points.
  62. Comm Bank to issue AMEX... changes to QF/Velocity point earning
  63. Using eBay to earn points
  64. Credit Card fee waived?
  65. Converting Gold CC to Platinum - Points effect?
  66. CBA points to Travel Plus gift vouchers
  67. Instructions to Redeem Award points to QFF
  68. Business class on points VA or QF?
  69. CBA Offers: 5k for standard, 10k for new Gold, 20k for new Platinum
  70. CBA Platinum Mastercard - Cancelling, offers to stay?
  71. True awards to QFF program or Singapore?
  72. Awards Top-Up ? Mid-Statement Transfer ?
  73. Double Award Points on all Purchases
  74. Commbank awards to Krisflyer
  75. Opt in for QFF direct (CBA Rewards)

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