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  1. 28 Degrees C/C under Latitude
  2. Macquarie based card glitch
  3. Overseas strategy
  4. Every day visa/mc 5-7k monthly - Qantas
  5. Credit card with no overseas transaction fees
  6. $10k payment pending - only visa/mc allowed, which card to sign up for?
  7. Multiple applications
  8. Self funded retiree Credit card applications?
  9. Credit Card sign ups for extra points
  10. Spam after Veda score and amex application
  11. Future of Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus & Earn Rates
  12. Looking for a "utility" credit card - recommendations ?
  13. Amount of Veda score taken out when getting a new credit card question
  14. First credit card , starting first job > $75000 pa
  15. credit card churning with pro rata annual fees
  16. Changes to VedaScore
  17. Qantas Cash cards - daily limit on transactions?
  18. American Airlines Credit card advice
  19. Credit Cards helped us get First Class tickets - A big thank you
  20. Some Credit Card Questions!
  21. Amex billing cycles between different cards
  22. Starting out with new cc
  23. Pros and cons, VA vs QFF
  24. How/when will bank-issued Amex card points rates change?
  25. QFF vs KrisFlyer vs AsiaMiles - Which one for a Credit Card user
  26. Best CC for FF points
  27. Do banks have to do a credit check when approving credit cards
  28. Bonus Points on Signup - Eligible Purchases
  29. ATO + Points
  30. Platinum Edge newbie
  31. AMEX Platinum Charge Card Approval
  32. Using sign up bonus for NZ flight
  33. Wanted: Credit Card for Use in France That Works in Automated Fuel Stations
  34. New card recommendations please
  35. First CC to apply for Insurance - Brother going to India for 60 days - earns 40k p.a.
  36. Points capping per statement period - any other card options?!
  37. What VISA/MC for points earning?
  38. [WIKI PAGE] Which credit card to start with?
  39. Making payments that exceed your credit limit on an Amex card
  40. Home Loan Sweeteners
  41. Applied for credit card limit increase (Amex Velocity Platinum)
  42. Amex 18 month eligibility period on
  43. What does a credit card transaction actually cost?
  44. Recommend a Credit card
  45. Citibank visa debit card in Canada
  46. From Near Hero to Almost Zero!!!
  47. Advice on VEDA file
  48. Credit Card linked to FF programmes
  49. MS - Only1 & Reloads
  50. NAB incorrectly converting currency exchange
  51. Not activating a CC Any Ramifications??
  52. Is it possible to extra into super using credit card?
  53. What on earth is going on with Macquarie's credit card assessment process?
  54. NAB monitors their customer's Veda file
  55. Double dip question
  56. Telephone bills
  57. Card Hopping for Points
  58. MIPS Medical Indemnity
  59. Donating to Charities using credit cards
  60. Birthday Gift
  61. 28 95 BPay fee
  62. GE Money taken over by Latitude Financial Services
  63. Small Business Credit Cards
  64. credit card to earn points on government charges
  65. Comparing airline points required
  66. Churning
  67. Westpac family benefits
  68. Reason given to cancel churned credit card
  69. Maintaining Balance Transfers and Upgrading
  70. Been compromised
  71. Virgin Velocity credit card
  72. Bank Rewards credit card programme vs Qantas credit card programme
  73. Best promos for Krisflyer? For those that have churned all the VA promo cards
  74. Huge unexplained drop in credit score
  75. Credit Cards for Velocity/Kris

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