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  1. Received 2000 Bonus Qantas Points by makeing 6 or more purchases before 31 July 2016
  2. NAB Qantas Premium - additional card number
  3. 20,000pts and 0%
  4. NAB sending the wrong card out?
  5. NAB Qantas Rewards Premium card
  6. A Retiree's Annoyances When Applying for Velocity Platinum Card.
  7. 15% off car rental under AMEX Connect???
  8. Good experince with NAB Overseas Travel Insurance
  9. Sydney Amex airport lounge - no NAB card accepted
  10. NAB Velocity Rewards Premium- how long to get points?
  11. Everyday purchases excluded - NAB 60,000 points
  12. 250,000 Velocity points for new NAB home loan customers
  13. Fee free NAB cards
  14. NAB Velocity premium double points offer
  15. NAB Platinum Concierge
  16. Maximum credit limit on.....
  17. NAB axes frequent flyer points earn on credit card tax payments
  18. NAB Velocity Card- Enhancement
  19. Bpay - getting points?
  20. 20K QFF for $0
  21. NAB Reward Points Problems....
  22. NAB are just bl**dy useless
  23. NAB Ant is ending
  24. NAB and ATO pmts
  25. Advice on Debit Card company
  26. Fee waiver for NAB Qantas Plat
  27. new NAB Velocity points offer
  28. NAB Qantas vs Velocity Premium cards
  29. Amex spend required to choose Premium Velocity over Standard Velocity
  30. Paid in AUD for a product in Australia on a website - got charged fee !?!
  31. NAB Velocity cards
  33. Your NAB Qantas Platinum Card is Changing.
  34. NAB Gold 100 QFF points per transaction bonus offer
  35. Qantas Bonus Points not posting - NAB Plat CC
  36. NAB Plat travel insurance
  37. Looking at Platinum CC card
  38. Limit increase offers.
  39. NAB Debit Card vs NAB 'VISA' Debit Card - What is the difference?
  40. Nab Traveller Card
  41. New NAB Fly Buys Card
  42. NAB is no longer offering Gold Banking transaction account
  43. How many of you still keep NAB cards?
  44. Upgrade Gold -> Platinum for free?
  45. NAB Platinum Income Requirements
  46. NAB Qantas Plat. Card & One World RTW Purchase
  47. Velocity Credit Card
  48. Do I still earn points if i have deposited over my credit card limit?
  49. NAB Qantas Platinum card - Insurance
  50. NAB Qantas Gold Card triple points campaign
  51. New Qantas Platinum One CC
  52. Which ATMs to use for NAB Gold Visa Debit
  53. GlobalEShop for NAB American Express Card customers
  54. Platinum Card Insurance - Anyone have experience with claims?
  55. NAB (non-Qantas) Platinum
  56. Qantas Amex Visa
  57. Visa mini is no longer for sale
  58. NAB Qantas Gold American Express 50 bonus points offer
  59. Nab gold qantas card - earning requirement?
  60. NAB Qantas Plat Card - Is this the best ff earner?
  61. $100 for opening and paying into NAB
  62. Entre Program
  63. NAB Velocity Card & Bpay
  64. Points System For NAB Platinum
  65. NAB Qantas Platinum Concierge
  66. any special offer on NAB Qantas credit card?
  67. NAB Qantas credit cards
  68. National Gold Rewards Card
  69. NAB Ant Rewards?
  70. Velocity NAB Amex and Visa on one velocity account
  71. Any one had any luck ?
  72. National Ant Card extends 1.5 points per $1 - Low Annual Fee
  73. NAB Top up option & Booking through Harvey World Travel
  74. The credit card is here.
  75. NAB Velocity Credit Card

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