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Registered Users have the option of removing this
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  1. List of Authenticated Company Reps
  2. How to Kill the Subs Reminder Notification
  3. Is the Australian Frequent Flyers Facebook group associated with the forum?
  4. Paid registration renewal not processed
  5. can not post new thread or post replies in Discussion Board: Referral Offers?
  6. classified section
  7. Log in problems
  8. Question about AFF Gold level privileges
  9. Login time out too short!
  10. Post time is out by 1 hour
  11. Paid Subscription, Ad blocker?
  12. Admin: Agoda max promo not working?
  13. Searching in AFF
  14. Failure to upload pics iphone 7
  15. Site Leaders Usernames a Different Colour to Regular Members
  16. In my Chrome, AFF address now has no lock on the address - do I need to be concerned?
  17. Aff ama
  18. Travel Service Fee
  19. Adblock popup
  20. Wiki hyperlinks
  21. Platinum member cannot access e-books in Knowledge Centre
  22. Anybody getting multiple copies of the AFF Gazette?
  23. no space between words when replying within chrome
  24. Who closes the topics and why?
  25. Creating, Editing and Integrating Wiki's
  26. Why on earth are threads closed?
  27. Browser inserting "tel" and breaking quotes
  28. Desktop Editor Isses - Spacebar & Cursor Jumping
  29. https for website
  30. Old App - tapatalk plugin is not activated in your forum
  31. Wiki Pages
  32. AFF Advertising
  33. Change a thread title
  34. iOS 'cannot post' error
  35. Add Trip Reports as Signature
  36. Mobieblitz pop-up while using the AFF App on an iPhone?
  37. Timing out of AFF Forum
  38. AFF Open Flights upload broken
  39. access to knowledge centre ebooks
  40. Stealth moderation
  41. Can/should AFF go the FB way and have more options than like
  42. Diverted QF 94 departed 28 th July
  43. Add airport codes to mouseover acronyms defition
  44. AFF font
  45. Ad blocker detection now enabled
  46. Adverts
  47. access denied
  48. AFF New posts with full website mode on Android
  49. Advert
  50. AFF pop up spam
  51. Why cant I post to "Flight Search Assistance"
  52. Hire car loyalty programmes
  53. AFF Flight Search Engine [Sky Scanner]
  54. Wine discount
  55. Paid twice.. two years?
  56. Problem with using Full Site on iPad - reverting to mobile mode
  57. Locate members
  58. iPhone app on iOS 9
  59. Any further typing goes to a line above
  60. iPhone App and PC not in sync
  61. Changes? Using website on iPad.
  62. Problems with AFF on PC
  63. How to add a description to a URL in your posts?
  64. How do you add a signature to your posts?
  65. Flight Tracker
  66. Problem with uploading pictures
  67. strikethrough tags
  68. New iOS and Android Apps - Bug Reports and Suggestions
  69. pages loading incorrectly
  70. AFF app
  71. Unable to Access Knowledge Centre
  72. Loading photos using Android app
  73. Thanks for great service AFF
  74. Flight Tracker
  75. Moderators should be able to delete "Irrelevant" posts

Registered Users have the option of removing this and all other advertisements.  More