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  1. India visa - vfs experience/ help!
  2. Wine Purchase when leaving Australia
  3. US Visa
  4. UAE and 2x one-way tickets
  5. Can i still travel to the USA on ESTA with a police caution?
  6. Denied B1 Visa for U.S. due to not enough ties to Australia- what to use as proof?
  7. Passport validity for entry into USA
  8. Chinese Visa - proof of onward travel for border crossing?
  9. Rejected visa records?
  10. PLEASE HELP - I need your wisdom!
  11. ESTA or VISA? Please help!!!!
  12. Gismobaby
  13. Criminal record and Emigrating to the USA (Married to US Citizen)
  14. Entering countries with Criminal conviction [Europe/UAE]
  15. U.S ESTA and a section 10
  16. Interim APEC card at Jakarta (CGK)
  17. Sydney Custom question [Tobbaco through Landside transit SYD T1?]
  18. Customs and Check-in [HKG Transit without going Landside?]
  19. Vietnam Visa
  20. UK passport interviews
  21. Buying fur in Europe
  22. You need Brunei dollars for Brunei immigration control
  23. Aus to UK/EU trip with AUS/UK Dual Citizen and AUS Citizen family members
  24. Report on 4 emergency passports in 24 hours US and Oz
  25. E-3D Visa with Criminal Record
  26. US Visa under BOND - any info ?
  27. Passport validity and entry into the UK, France and USA
  28. Not enough time to apply for Visa to France
  29. Duty Free between KL and SIN now in place.
  30. Need to get to the USA in one month- been denied a B2 two years ago. Best option?
  31. APEC card - New Zealand vs Australia?
  32. Duty free liquor with stopovers??
  33. Hi all have an urgent Question regarding visa waiver
  34. Chinese Visa
  35. Where to clear customs returning to Australia with International Connection?
  36. Aus Immigration at the gate
  37. Fiji / Nadi departure
  38. Multiple entries to SIN in short period
  39. Getting UK visa prior to LHR - expediting @ Heathrow?
  40. Minimum Time remaining on passport inbound to Oz and EU
  41. US Immigration delays due Budget cuts
  42. Second USA visa
  43. Travelling with 2 passports
  44. Going through US Immigration as a couple?
  45. UK Business Trip - Visa Requirements
  46. US Visa with prior convictions
  47. Ukraine visa
  48. obtaining a Visa for a brief US holiday
  49. Delays at US immigration
  50. Smartgate - US Global Entry Program
  51. More than 90 Days in Schegen Area (EU)
  52. Sri Lanka - ETA application
  53. Why no outbound electronic immigration processing in AU?
  54. Usa/Canada - Crim record
  55. USA Visa Dilemma
  56. USA and aus immigration information sharing
  57. British or Australian Passport?
  58. APEC card experiences
  59. Consulting to Swiss company [Business Visa Needed?]
  60. Planning Trip to the United States with a criminal record but appealing it
  61. Travelling through the USA with Work Documents
  62. Travelling to USA with convictions
  63. USA Wavier VISA With Driving Conviction (Non DUI)
  64. CERS certificate for NZ citizen
  65. Shenzhen Visa
  66. ESTA question.
  67. Passport issue: What could the problem be?
  68. I may/may not have a passport problem with an upcoming trip
  69. Entering Canada from the USA
  70. Newbie question about VWP minor offenses ...
  71. Travel precaution - certified copy of passport helpful?
  72. Speedy exit through Customs at SYD
  73. PEK and PVG/ SHA transits under 72 hours no Visa required
  74. Visa waiver program - being declined
  75. Burma Visas - Tranit/Tourist etc.

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