Dear all,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I'm wanting some advice as to how to get the best use out of my current points. I have ~ 200000 SQ points at this stage and the first of them is due to expire in September 2012. I don't know how many additional points I will earn between now and then, but I do want to eventually redeem a * alliance RTW business ticket. So I have a few questions:

(1) How much will it cost me to extend my points? I have approximately 30000 points expiring before the end of 2012.
(2) If I say, use my points which are about to expire for the final time in March, 2013 and make a RTW award redemption, how late can I book it? Moreover, how late can I COMPLETE that trip?
(3) How feasible is it to get J seats on these tickets despite paying with J points?
(4) According to the Krisflyer website, you are allowed seven (7) stopovers and up to sixteen (16) segements. What is the definition of a stopover? Is it greater than 12 or 24 hours?
(5) Which Star Alliance carriers are tolerable and decent in whY?

Your advice is appreciated!