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I am just wondering if anyone has ever made a complaint to Qantas and actually received a positive outcome?...
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    Established Member odoherty's Avatar
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    Feb 2005

    Reply to compaints - your experience?

    I am just wondering if anyone has ever made a complaint to Qantas and actually received a positive outcome?

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    Moderator straitman's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
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    Re: Reply to compaints - your experience?

    Quote Originally Posted by odoherty
    I am just wondering if anyone has ever made a complaint to Qantas and actually received a positive outcome?
    Sure have.

    Posted previously on the forum (somewhere) about a dreadful trip we had MEL - AKL last year.

    I made a point of being polite, positive, pushy and mentioning OH&S matters etc. About 4 weeks later received a very nice letter of apology and a $A250 voucher to use for future flights.

    Nice to know that someone listens at least some of the time.

    AFF #9 - Cairns 16-18 October 2015

    QFF Platinum (OW Emerald) LTSilver & 91.5% to LTG, Velocity FF Gold, UA Nothing (thank goodness), HHonors Diamond, PC Gold, SPG Gold, Hertz Gold No 1, Ansett -- nothing any more!

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    Member infoworks's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
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    I have both complained and provided praise on many occasions. I find mostly the resonse is the same "black hole". These days there is usually an email to say they have a lot of emails and there is a unto the void...A couple of times there has been a vague automated email to tell me that my input will go to the appropriate person. This is as recent as a recent compliment I emailed in, within the last 4-6 weeks.

    When I have had a real gripe and gone "all the way" with letters and phone calls I have found that QF will eventually try to smooth it over the phone but very reluctant (read avoid) putting anything in writing.

    Several FAs have told me that they do get copies of passenger feedback emails in due course.

    I suspect as this topic unfolds there will be lots of contrary views!
    Steve - QFP, PPS, IC Plat/RA, SPGPlat, HHG and a bunch of others!

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    NM is offline
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    Aug 2004
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    On two occasions when I have need/desire to complain, I have received appropriate response. Both times my complain was forwarded to the manager of the relevant dept and I received direct communications from that manager in a timely manner.

    And on both occasions, the response was more than just printed/spoken words .

    My recommendation is to put all the information in a written form and send to Qantas. First time I used the Feedback section on the web site, second was an email sent to Ensure the information is accurate and factual, don't make any demands, and include some form of positive feedback as well as the complaint.

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    Posting Enthusiast oz_mark's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
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    I have written a letter of complaint on one ocassion, and on another to offer praise about the way a particular situation was handled. Both times, my letter seems to have gone into some worm hole within Qantas never to be seen again

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    Senior Member Dave Noble's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Complaints that I have raised by telephone have actually been well dealt with


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    Established Member odoherty's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    I have sent a very polite and constructive complaint to Qantas regarding a bad experience I had on a paid business domestic flight.

    Will be interesting to see what their response is.

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    Junior Member toetoes's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
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    QF - Gold
    Hi all,

    About 3 years ago I was on a work trip to Nth QLD . I had to be back for my wife's 40th birthday by the Thur. Some how all my work bagage was lost for a day by QF. This then caused me to have to stay an extra day away.

    My wife was VERY upset on this news. Not only was I in Nth QLD for the big 40, I was not able to be at the big night out that I had booked with her friends, family etc.

    While still in Nth QLD I phoned QF business sales, told the details and just how Peed off I was. After some talk an email addrees was given to send my account of the complaint to.

    In a non-ranting, calm, and friendly way I emailed with a copy of my wifes date of birth, to show this was not a set up. Bags go missing at times. No big deal. 99% of the time.

    10 out of 10 for Qantas as they set to our home a gift basket of fruit, wine, dips and what all women love sweet things for her. Plus a dinner out for two at the Marriot to a value of X $.

    This could have been a one off, but I hope not not, if things do go badly wrong QF still may care, though, this was 3 years ago.

    Just my two cents worth.



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    Guest MetroAir's Avatar
    I've given feedback to QANTAS a few times and gotten the 'black hole' (just one of the reasons I hate QANTAS) both positive and negative.

    In the old days (read Ansett) feedback was acknowledged and acted on. My wife an I were flown 1st class MEL - PER and MEL- HKK on Ansett when; 1) my wife arrived from a BNE - MEL flight 1st class with dog sjit all over her luggage and 2) I was really pifsed off that there was a 737 with decent F seats going DRW - SYD - MEL and I got stuck on an old 727 with 'convertable' F seats (read Y) DRW - ASP - ADL - MEL even though I asked to be put on the 737 (Graeme ?? was responsible for giving us one and Rod Eddington the other - it is going back a while).

    The other was when both decided to kill off F class and I wrote to AN expressing my disappointment, they gave us 2 free return tickets to anywhere on the AN network to try out the 'new' BusinessFirst.

    One other little annoyance - is when they ask for medical assistance on board. AN always acknowledged your contribution, twice I've assisted on the rat and guess what - the rat response - nada, even though on AN it was only a bottle of wine or spirits.

    But that was then and this is now and I really don't think that the rat give a rats about premium passengers unless you have status. Because my travel is now sporadic and infrequent, I don't have much status, and won't for the next few years, however we still travel up the pointyend but get treated like crap. One reason I use any other airline I can find other than QANTAS.

    Bring on Ozjet!!!!!!!


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    Guest MetroAir's Avatar

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    Sorry, that was a bit of a vent.


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