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Mum's partner is in the UK at the moment attending a funeral, he didn't take his mobile with him and QF have sent a flight change notification for his return ...
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    QF Booking Reference Not Working...Why?

    Mum's partner is in the UK at the moment attending a funeral, he didn't take his mobile with him and QF have sent a flight change notification for his return flight to my email.

    However, when I try to log into manage my booking it gives the following error:

    We are unable to find this confirmation number. Please validate your entry and try again or contact us for further information. (8104)
    It worked from last Wednesday (When the booking was made) up until Saturday night (Just after his first flight), now it looks like the booking has just vanished into thin air

    Any ideas why I can't pull it up anymore?, checkmytrip doesn't work either, nor does any of the other Amadeus based OW airlines (Finnair, BA etc.).

    The booking has 2 BA sectors in it if that makes a difference (LHR-EDI-LHR, one is under the QF code)

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    Re: QF Booking Reference Not Working...Why?

    Can you log into his QFF account and take a look at it that way? Perhaps the booking ref has changed?
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    Re: QF Booking Reference Not Working...Why?

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    Just tried all sorts of rigmarole and no go. Even LAN won't bring it up (although LAN's superior e-tix feature seems to only work on their own ticket stock, now).

    Best things to do:
    1. samh004's solution - try to access it via QFF MMB (rather than PNR+Last Name)
    2. Next, if you have access to the email address which was added to the booking when it was created, go to Manage Your Booking at, select Email Itinerary, put in the PNR and wait for an email. If you receive something, check it and try to access MMB etc. using those credentials. If you don't receive an email in the target address, then something's up.
    3. Lastly - if all else fails - and this is the painful option - call QF, unfortunately.

    I wonder if QF - in the process of giving a notification and awaiting a confirmation of it - did something funky to the booking which doesn't make it respond as normal (including perhaps diddling with the Last Name or other fields).
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