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Originally Posted by Red Roo Hi redunctionist, No need to be worried, emails are going out today but if you do not get one there will be a 'free flight' ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Roo View Post
    Hi redunctionist,

    No need to be worried, emails are going out today but if you do not get one there will be a 'free flight' register form on from 11 November.

    Red Roo
    Thanks Red Roo.

    Always good to get the info from the Roos mouth, so to speak

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    Established pauly7's Avatar
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    Wow pretty generous offer... Almost wish I had been stranded!! Damn QantasLink why did you have to keep flying

    I'd choose Cairns or Broome if I was eligible...

    Anyone on here eligible and where are you going to go??

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    Re: QF Fight Back - Price War & Double Points

    Well according to nonews

    FLYING HIGH AND FREE: Qantas' $20m flight bonanza to woo customers |

    QANTAS will give away 100,000 free air tickets to passengers it stranded last week by grounding its fleet.
    The tickets, worth $20 million, are Qantas' way of saying "we are sorry," chief executive Alan Joyce told The Sunday Mail.

    Qantas will also offer a bonus to all frequent flyers, although Mr Joyce said the airline had not yet finalised details.

    All passengers whose flights were disrupted in the stoppage from 5pm on Saturday, October 29 to 11.59pm on Monday, October 30 will be offered a free return economy flight to any destination within Australia, or a Trans-Tasman flight to New Zealand and back.
    The passengers will also be refunded the full cost of their Qantas ticket and any expenses they incurred while stranded away from home.
    For the FF members, I suggest a bump to the level above their current earned level, I'll take either WP1 or CL

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    Re: Free flight for those disrupted.

    I'd choose Cairns or Broome if I was eligible...
    Just what is the shortest QF B738 route in Oz - Sydney to Canberra?

    I'm just having evil thoughts on the lack of detail with this offer - no one said you could do Sydney-Broome.

    Many years back one could do OOL-BNE!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by missafternoondelight View Post
    yay! Great news, thanks for sharing, medhead!
    Stoked that I got two extra days in Hong Kong for free, and am getting free flights (and points) now, too!
    There are always winners & losers.......I'd take two extra days in HK any day of the week. Did they put you up in good digs?
    Some Trip Reports FAR EATS |NYC | Peru | Europe | Turkey | HKG

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    Re: Free flight for those disrupted.

    I was waiting for Qantas to make an offer like this!

    Now I'm in a bit of a pickle. We're planning to fly next May, Canberra to Townsville. I'll have to wait until 90 days before the date to book the free tickets.... meanwhile there are some pretty good sale fares available atm. Flying out of Canberra on a Friday night with Qantas is always expensive, and you rarely get red e-deal fares... you all know why!

    Red Roo, can you give us any advice as to whether we will only be able to use the free flight voucher on flights where red e-deal tickets are still available?

    Chances are I'm going to book a few other flights next year and maybe even before next May so I could just keep the voucher to use another time. Or I go on a unplanned trip to New Zealand - but won't that be with Jetconnect anyway?

    I like the idea of bumping up people's FF status one level or reducing the amount of status credits needed to go up to the next tier. It might be the only thing stopping some people changing brands from what I've read on here in recent days!

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    Re: Free flight for those disrupted.

    Just bring back double SC's for all and sundry
    Blackadder likes this.

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    Re: Free flight for those disrupted.

    According to the AusBT article this only applies to tickets purchased in Au. Means my Sin-per-syd-per-sin which was disrupted in syd gets me nothing. Nor have i heard anything back about my claims yet, and that form was atrocious, not being able to submit multiple attachments or get tracking/receipt numbers.

    Still waiting, Red Roo. For now, at least my Japan flights are on jal, and I only have 1 upcoming QF flight (return segment).

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    Quote Originally Posted by richie9x View Post
    Reading between the lines the part that says "Qantas Frequent Flyer points and Status credits will be earned at the discount economy rate." might imply the offer can only be used to book into the lowest economy fare classes. So it might only be useable on flights that have availability of red edeal fares. I guess will have to wait and see.
    I haven't seen the email, so stand to be corrected by the detail therein. However, I disagree that line implies anything about booking. I think it clarifies the earning situation. It is normal for free flights to earn nothing. From my reading of the website offer their is no fare class limitation. So that line says yep it earns, but as discount economy regardless of fare class. Basically this is a special fare

    Note also that these fares can be changed without any change fees. I don't think that implies they are full flexible.

    Sent from my iPhone using Aust Freq Fly app so please excuse the lack of links.

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    A reconciliation step in the right direction, but sounding like a PR stunt heading for failure once the details emerge.

    Sticking points (questions) that come to mind:

    Travel period?
    Low yield class availability?
    Peak period demand (Xmas/Easter)?
    Allowed on direct or via flights?
    JQ/QF link included?
    Rebooking conditions?

    Any others?

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