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    Hi Noel,

    Now I know to what you were referring - I don't get many visitor messages -in fact I had forgotton they were a facit of vBulletin.

    Anyhoo, comsiiserations and see you soon.
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    Hi cove,

    Sorry for the late response. I was just having a wonder through my profile for the first time and upgrading my account to Gold so that I can use the iPhone App and came across this message. I'm not running the Qantas program on my select card, points go straight to Citi.
    I warehouse my points in Amex and have begun to do so as well in Citi since I established an account.
    I'm based in Sydney, where about are you located?
  3. Hey Cove =)
    Wow, sounds like you're pretty busy with all these philanthropic projects on the go.. it is good to know someone is looking after the poor and homeless - I might be one one day.. =D
    Got home from Hong Kong yesterday morning and went straight to work. Haha.. why waste time?
    Not sure about next week at this stage, as I may have to do an audit out of town. I wish I was going to America now! But I've got to save my pennies at the moment, so no Tiffany for me.. oh well, one day =)
  4. Thin Ice Productions last show is Elektra at the Maj with WA Opera on 14th so we came home on Feb 9th.
    I do plan to get to drinks but I will be there after work so I could be a bit late.
    I put an extra entry into Glamour thread for any aspiring flyers.
    America right now would challenge all of your Aussie values as merchandise is so modestly priced.
    HKG Disney should be lots of fun.
    Victoria Secret stores are all over the place in Los Angeles.
    Tiffany,Bulgari and Salvatore Ferragamo are all at South Coast Plaza at Costa Mesa CA.
    Mrscove has only been to half of one AFF get together in Melbourne as she isn't a fiend.
    When you plan to go to America talk to me.
  5. Gosh Cove, sounds like you're having the time of your life! I'm yet to go to the States - would love to, just to save on Victoria's secret shipping! What is Thin Ice?? I take it you won't be back for the 22nd meet then? Boo. Have a great time.. I'm at Hkg Disney, so loving life myself :-) take care, and say hi to SWMBO for me.. We must meet one of these days!
  6. Yes I saw the tattoo and showed it to SWMBO!
    We leave Los Angeles tomorrow.....I had some work to do here with a trade show.
    Flying home with SQ so we can go to a Tim Minchin show and then Electra on 14th at the Maj. Electra is my last show for my Thin Ice board member role.
    All good over is a buzz.
    An upgrade is a very nice concept.
  7. yes!! I was lucky and snagged one of the legendary free upgrades. How are you Noel? Have you seen my new tattoo?

    My Blog
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    Hi Cove

    Thought you may like this private update.
    I had the usual troubles with citibank back office, that has already been explored through these forums, anyway they didn't want to honour their committment of 60,000 points for signing up. Much tooing and frooing and I threatened to pull the plug. Anyway to cut a long story short I got a phone call and they agreed to honour their advertising and give me the 60,000 points. The next day I got another identical phone call which I thought was quite bizaare.

    Guess who was credited with 120,000 points which have since transferred to QFF??

    What a way to start my new career as a points whore
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    Sorry Noel - just picked up your message. Yes we have got ourselves to London & are now awaiting the appropriate dates for booking the rest of the trip. Finally did it on the phone with FF & managed to get a friendly cooperative operator. hope for the same with the rest of the bookings.
  10. View Conversation
    sold 1 of the farms less points earnt but maybe more time to travel now
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Recent Entries

Establishing A Credit Rating In America

by cove on 8th July 2011 at 04:02 AM
Sounds easy but it really is not.It all started when I got declined by Nordstrom for their credit card in late June. Now I wanted that card to participate in their 15th July sale where I can get trousers on sale for $129 down from $275 and I can get them from 5th July.In America, Australians credit record files do not exist so basically we are an invisible group needing to use cash cards,Visa and MasterCards and American Express cards from Australia. Now the only card that stacks up is the 28 degree

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Frequent Flyer Fiend and The Game

by cove on 18th December 2010 at 01:01 AM
Having moved on from buying air tickets I took the step of becoming a member of both SQ and QF points schemes.
Tools used this year are:
Woolies everyday card $89 for QF point per dollar on MasterCard.
Amex Ultimate $495 less free ticket PER-SYD-PER at 1.5 points a dollar on QF.
Westpac Platinum Kris Flyer at $195 with a point a dollar Visa until March15th and 1.5 points a dollar on Amex.
CitiSelect $749 for QF point per dollar.
Biggest issue has been getting

Read More

US upgrade US Airways

by cove on 5th December 2010 at 04:04 AM
We chose to upgrade to First on our cheapie Expedia ticket today because it was 50 bucks less the 25 charge for the checked bag.
Well done Frieda at US Air. She loaded our Kris frequent flyer numbers so 25 bucks later each we got out of the crampathon.

Las Vegas in July

by cove on 11th July 2010 at 03:07 PM
We drove to Las Vegas in our unlimited mileage hire car and it takes 4.5 hours each way from the Los Angeles beaches.
At 107 degrees and heading higher this week I would suggest going there outside of the summer heat.
Love and Human Nature shows were great and so was Le Reve.
Your accommodation is subsidized by those mug gamblers so you can get very good value for your money.
We used as a guide just to work out our plan.
Great food and lots of fun

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Surprised by being satisfied by Westpac

by cove on 6th May 2010 at 07:00 AM
Only 18 percent of its customers say they are satisfied.
What I say is you can build your own satisfaction by using their 2 best products.
Firstly you can get an easy after purchase rebate of $3,000 a time buying a Commodore using their Holden card using only 30,000 points.This can be after the fleet discount so it is almost $8k per Commodore.
Secondly their Kris Flyer card is a screamer if you go platinum because of the flight availability.If you redeem about 200,000 points to

Read More


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