Has anyone managed to successfully transfer from AŚclub to QFF yet? I've so far attempted to make 2 transfers of 4000 points each in October and December, neither of which has registered in my QFF account.

A chasing mail via their website elicited the following response:

We have well received your Email dated 12 March 2009 and we thank you
for the time taken writing to us.

We are sincerely sorry sorry for the missing miles. Current we are
facing some technical issue within our system of mile transfering and
our technical supporting team is working at it. This issue is top
priority and should be solved within a few weeks. If you wish to have
your A|Club points back, we will be happy to cancel the mile transfer

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused and thank you
for your loyalty to A|Club.

Best regards,

Your A|Club team
I'm interested if anyone has been successful, as I'll have another 16000 or so to send across within the next few weeks, and I'm not going to do that if it ends up being an exercise in futility each time.