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Originally Posted by phantom. dealer lol Thanks Masonic Phantom. I shall try to keep the "Car Dealer" in me in check and be a good member and learn from you ...
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    Cool Re: Car purchase on AMEX

    Quote Originally Posted by phantom. dealer View Post
    lol Thanks Masonic Phantom. I shall try to keep the "Car Dealer" in me in check and be a good member and learn from you all...and hopefully put back in to as I love to travel and I travel a lot.
    Great Stuff.

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    Re: Car purchase on AMEX

    phantom, you should at least tell us what brands and what state you are in. Those who are in the market could then make contact by pm. I am not in the market atm.

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    Re: Car purchase on AMEX

    I work for a motor dealer and I can assure you that dealers have a limited amount of profit in a car so if you "negotiate" no fee on Amex you will get less discount on the car. Dealers will reduce the price and they don't mind what you call it, discount or fee free Amex payment. At the end of the day you are either paying a fee (in which case it is not worth the points you get) OR you get a discount on the car. You won't get both.

    My suggestion....take the discount on the price of the car and buy yourself a discounted airline ticket.

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    Thumbs up Re: Car purchase on AMEX

    Just so happens I have negotiated to buy ($32500) a new car on my Amex.....

    I had done my homework. I had negotiated a price with discounts etc, and had spoken with customer service at Amex who informed that they cannot provide individual details but... generally 2% was ballpark (the ATO is 1.6%).

    The dealer was quite approachable and informed me the surcharge was 3%. I suggested that 2% was a more realistic figure and that he could perhaps start at that point.

    Any way we ended up with a surcharge of $375 and two boxes of corona beer.... not too shabby for 48000+ points

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    Re: Car purchase on AMEX

    Ran a car through my AMEX back in 2005, value of $20k down from $25k list. Negotiated the surcharge fee out as a part of the deal. Not sure if that would happen these days (or how good a deal it was judging by what I've read here!) but it was easy enough then.
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    Re: Car purchase on AMEX

    I recently bought a Mercedes on Amex - I negotiated price, then said I wanted to pay on AMEX, got the first 20,000 deposit fee free, then paid in installments with 1.5% credit card fee, was very happy with the deal, and the car.
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    Re: Car purchase on AMEX

    We bought a card on cards - Visa $8000 no surcharge, Amex $8000 no surcharge (same account), remainder Amex $10000 at 1% surcharge. The points were worth it to me at that cost. Incidentally, the credit card negotiations took longer than the purchase negotiations and it did come down to "no card, no deal". I was, and remain, happy with the deal.
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    Re: Car purchase on AMEX

    I tried to purchase a Honda Accord Euro on Mastercard a couple of years ago. Alas, no luck. The best I could do was use the card for the deposit, without surcharge.

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    Re: Car purchase on AMEX


    The merchant fee the ATO pay to Amex is 1.25%. I was talking to an Amex account person the other day to organise preclearance for me to pay a large tax bill and he told me that Amex are pleased about how popular it has become for people to use their card to pay tax.

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    Re: Car purchase on AMEX

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    Negotiated a deal and about to purchase a new car with AMEX card – main reason is for the points.
    Should I purchase it on my American Express Platinum Credit Card or American Express Platinum Card?
    Is there any difference in the points/benefits etc.?
    Note: Car is $34,000. First $2000 no commission remainder at 3%

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