We are now trialling a new (for AFF anyway) concept, with the introduction of a NEW FORUM where members can request other AFF members assistance in their selection of flights. What is different here is that the "Requester" pays the "Advisor" a gratuity fee of at least $29 if they take the advice.

The Guidelines to posting in this new forum is spelled out HERE (Posting Guidelines **** PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING IN THIS FORUM ****). Please be sure to read these guidelines before posting in that forum as the rules are quite different to the rest of AFF.

The concept is very similar to a new website discussed HERE. I thought that this is a really good idea, and would like to give our members - many of whom are, after all, true experts - the opportunity to participate in such a concept.

Please note that this new forum is offered as a service to the AFF community. AFF is not party to the transaction and we don't receive any payment, or commission, or cut.