Demonstrate your value with the
AFF Travel & Social Media Profile
and be handsomely rewarded...

Nothing breeds success like success!

It is no secret that travel providers - be they airlines, hotels, or even credit card companies - place great importance on acquiring the business of high-value customers.

This is clearly demonstrated by the number of offers designed to win you over to their product.  The best examples of this practice would be status matches in the case of airlines, and sign-up bonuses in the case of credit card companies.

But how do you prove your value, so that you too could be eligible for these lucrative offers?

Introducing the AFF Travel & Social Media Profile

As an active and engaged Australian Frequent Flyer member, you are probably already taking advantage of our AFF Verified Status and Flight Tracker features. During the course of your time on AFF, you have probably also contributed some informative information which demonstrates online advocacy.

The good news is that it's exactly this information which travel providers are seeking when reviewing your application for any kind of "special deal".

And the even better news is that you can now, at the touch of a button, generate your very own AFF Travel & Social Media Profile (view example) which highlights your current airline status (as independently verified by AFF), your Travel History (as recorded in AFF Flight Tracker) and key AFF posts you have made and have selected for inclusion.

To generate your customised
AFF Travel and Social Media Profile
complete the AFF Travel Profile Request form.

You will need to enter your real name and AFF Handle.

Optionally, you can enter 2 of your posts which you
would like to feature. (URL of the posts HERE.)


After you have submitted the AFF Travel Profile Request form, AFF will automatically generate your Travel and Social Media Profile and email it to you at your registered AFF address. You are then free to use the document as you choose - such as in support of your application for an airline status match or when applying for a premium credit card.

Our GOLD members can use this feature at no cost. If you are not a GOLD member, you can still generate a Profile although the PDF will contain a watermark.